2021 – Small cities and health

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In view of the evolution of the pandemic and in accordance with the current post-confinement plan, the Small Cities and Health Colloquium (2021) will be held in an online format on the scheduled dates. The registration modalities have been adapted accordingly.

Participation as speaker in the Small City and Health Colloquium (2021): 10 €

Participation as speaker in the Colloquium and Registration as a member of the Work Group of the International Study Network on Small Cities in Time (In_Scit): 20 €

Online assistance to the Colloquium: Free, with mandatory registration via email smallcities.network@gmail.com

To complete your registration please make the payment by transfer:
IBAN: PT50 0035 0228 0000 7898 4306 8
Account Holder: Castelo de Vide Municipality
Download description: Rede + Surname (ex. Rede COSTA)

Proof of transfer must be sent to: smallcities.network@gmail.com when registering. If you want to obtain an invoice, you must request it in this same email and provide: full name, address and tax identification number that you want to appear in the document.